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Wholesalers and distributors profitable product to sell NightOut.


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Retailers are looking for innovative products that can give them a good margin. Distributors see a real opportunity to introduce NightOut with their clients because of the versatility and profit unique for this type of product. Discover how you can benefit from our formula with a great value chain.


NightOut is produced in a pharmaceutical facility with international GMP. Our Swiss formula is a multivitamin not a medicine and it is produced with the best ingredients to insure quality.

Easy seller.

Our product is unique and fun, a real solution for a common problem every adult has: “Hangover” or late sleep. Our concept is a cool alternative to the negative morning-after effects.


We are based in Switzerland with warehouses in the Netherlands and Italy. We ship worldwide and we are actively looking for new distributors to bring NightOut to everyone everywhere.

NightOut 3 effervescent tablets to get rid of hangover.
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What is NightOut?
discover how it works

Become a NightOut distributor and start earning more with an energy and hangover management supplement.
NightOut 6 effervescent tablets to get rid of hangover.




I declare that I am sixteen years old, and if I am under the age of sixteen, that I have been authorized by the holder of parental responsibility, therefore I consent to the processing of my personal data as indicated in the Privacy Policy .


I agree to the treatment of my personal data. For the forwarding of the newsletter, communications via telephone (sms, WhatsApp, voice call).


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We offer the best value chain for wholesalers and distributors to be able to add value to your business.


We have different warehouses and we ship worldwide.

We help you with the marketing material to communicate and train your people on how to sell the product to the different target markets.

Catalogues, flyers, banners and more.





*Any health claims made about our ingredients are backed by the European Food Safety Authority.


Do you want to give incentives to your clients? We have different marketing goods to increase your brand awareness: caps, coasters, t-shirts, wristband and more.



Wholesalers are always looking for new profitable products. They include NightOut because it is a complement to their existing offer.


Why selling NightOut in your commercial network?


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Supplement stores.

The trend for supplements is growing towards specificity. Supplement shops are looking for new products to add to their portfolio and NightOut can give them a new profitable product to their lifestyle collection and get new clients.


Normally they have a regional or territorial commercial network. They are looking for new products and you can fulfill them with all the packages we have for distributors with displays and marketing material to showcase NightOut in the best way possible.

Image by Carl Raw
Image by Nick Fewings

Tobacco shop

These kind of shops have license to sell tobacco and normally they offer other types of products like gum, candies and drinks. It works as a convenience store where people like to go to get everyday items. NightOut is a product that can be easily showcase and sell in it.


Self-service shops are a full experience, people enter to buy groceries and ended up buying other items. Placing NightOut in the check out next to the cashier will influence their impulse to buy it because of innovative purpose.

Image by Claudio Schwarz
Image by National Cancer Institute


People visit pharmacies when they feel bad or need an Over-The-Counter medicine. Right now pharmacies became a place where customers can find a solution for all their problems, they buy creams, cosmetics and of course food supplements to improve their overall health. NightOut belongs to the lifestyle category, which is growing year after year.

Gas stations.

Petrol stations have shops that offer energy drinks, newspapers, coffee and refreshments. NightOut can be the best companion for many of their clients offering a new alternative to other stimulant drinks to replenish their energies. The most important for them is how you show case it and we have the best displays for it.

Image by Marian Mirea
Biglietto automatico nella stazione della metropolitana

Vending machines.

Some entrepreneurs are turning to open vending machines as they are open 24/7 and offer convenience to their customers. From snacks to drinks, the business is growing to offer new products that can fulfill the clients needs. Adding NightOut will guarantee a new business opportunity. 

Bars & Night Clubs.

Bars and clubs are always looking for alternative offers to increase their sales, they need to do an up-sell in order to increase their margins. Some also have dedicated corners for gum, cigarettes and candies. They have the perfect client that will be benefited by NightOut. 

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Image by Eduardo Soares

Convenient stores.

Corner shops offer different types of everyday products, groceries and snacks. Next to the counter you find impulse buying products that will attract the client's attention. They are more likely to purchase this type of products besides their shopping list.

Juice bars Healthy bars.

Trending healthy bars are offering boosting drinks to their customers. The acceptance and fashion have position juice bars inside shopping centers, universities, office areas and more. They already use protein, carnitine and other food supplements to offer benefits to the final client NightOut will give them a new "Healthy Cocktail".

Image by Dave Lastovskiy

Event planners.

Wedding and event planners offer different packages with activities, food and beverage and souvenirs. A good way to add NightOut to their catalogue is by offering a "Hangover kit" or "After Party Kit". Include a bottle of water, a box of NightOut and a nice bag to put inside the kit.

Wine and spirits distributor.

Specialized wholesalers and small shops are always looking for products to complement their main offer. Gift bags, mixing kits, clothing and BBQ kits are some of their freebies, NightOut is the product they are missing to complete a whole new experience for their final customers. 

Image by Scott Warman


Floor display

Counter display







Table display

Floorstand display NightOut
counter display NightOut

Floorstand display
48 pieces

Counter display
24 pieces

NightOut marketing collateral hanging display

Hanging display
12 pieces

marketing displays by NightOut

Some Of The Clients Who Chose Us.

Once the product was developed we needed some people to test our product so we went to a college basketball team. We asked them to take 2 tablets of NightOut when they wake up in the morning 

Visit our stand in Coin Como Store, in Italy

Coin Store
Como - ITALY

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What is the minimum order?

To become a distributor the MOQ is a minimum of 1 pallet of NightOut. Depending on the format the quantities vary.

What payment methods do you accept?

We work with bank transfers.

Do you grant credit for distributors?

Right now we work with pre-paid orders, however contact us to see the different possibilities.

What are the shipping costs?

For distributors we need to analyze the quantities, delivery place and specifics. We can work EXW or DAP.

How long do orders take to ship?

It depends on the destination, availability and order specifications. However in Europe we have a delivery time of 5-7 working days.

At the moment we have 2 formats of NightOut:

  • 2 tubes of 3 tablets each (Only Italian/English).

  • 1 tube of 10 tablets (Available in other languages)

We can produce NightOut with local specifications like language or label regulations

Contact us for more information

NightOut for wholesalers, buy effervescent supplements in bulk.
Discover how to become a distributor of NightOut

Product details.

Startup Pack.

  • 3000 NightOut packs

  • Displays

  • Flyers and brochures

  • Clothing & Gadgets

Big Distributor Pack.

  • 5000 NightOut packs

  • Multiformat displays

  • Free samples

  • Flyers and brochures

  • Clothing & Gadgets

What are you waiting for?
Contact us now.

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