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The after party pill to feel better the morning after.



The highest priority to perfection and adequate precautions are taken to produce the best products.


Unique Swiss science to provide real solutions to unwanted human problems in modern times.


Strive to provide technological superiority to innovate and deliver the best novel healthcare.


NightOut originally wanted to be the most complete supplement in the market
NightOut energy hangover pill


Made for Athletes.

NightOut was originally a product designed to be the most complete supplement. Our scientists work hard to create a formula that could recover athletes faster, supply energy and hydrate by water and mineral absorption. The best ingredients were well mixed in effervescent tablets with an orange flavor using Novelty Pharma’s technology to produce this super powerful formula.

Testing Time.

Once the product was developed, we needed some people to test our product so we went to a college soccer team. We asked them to take 2 tablets of NightOut when they woke up in the morning before going to work out. They were feeling awesome and their performance was excellent, great jumps, resistance and long runs were some of their answers in common. 

NightOut was tested on a college soccer's team.
NightOut energy hangover pill


The soccer players went out partying, when they came back they used nightout and felt better after the party.
NightOut energy hangover pill


Not only
for Sport

One night they decided to go partying without their coaches. We all know parties mostly include long nights, junk food and tons of alcohol so you know how it finished… The next day as part of their routine, they had to wake up at 7am, have light breakfast and drink the effervescent solution that was giving them “superpower” results. They went training but their performance did not change so much, they actually maintained a good level and played as if nothing happened.

of Nightout

In the daily interview with our scientists, they had to disclose they had a fun night out. The scientists could not believe they had a similar performance as the days before, so they sent the results back to the laboratory amazed by the fact that the players came back late and had a heavy training without hangover-related symptoms. To make a long story short, the coaches knew about the party the following week, the athletes were grounded and the scientists created NighOut: for a better morning after!

NightOut energy hangover pill


The Nightout was created with vitamins, electrolytes and minerals for hangover.


NOVELTY PHARMA GDD SA was established in 2001 by Dr. MASSIMILIANO BARATELLI with the objective to become a market leader and solution provider in effervescent technology for the efficient delivery of novel healthcare and nutraceutical products.

Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, Novelty Pharma has focused on the development of Galenical formulas using effervescent technology for over two decades. Since its inception, Novelty Pharma has become a name synonymous with unique effervescent products of the highest quality.

Novelty Pharma creators of NightOut

Innovative drug delivery for acute conditions.

NightOut energy hangover pill

Your hangover remedy for a better morning after.

Intelligent sport nutrition for an active living.

Fast and Up effervescent supplements created in Switzerland

Novel supplements for chronic conditions.

Noveltylife Novel supplements for chronic conditions.
Novelty Engenerics Innovative drug delivery for acute conditions.
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NightOut 6 effervescent tablets to get rid of hangover.
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Designed to
replenish your energy

We will help you to go back on track, no more sleeping at the office, suffering because of headaches or cracking from a stomach ache. Our effervescent tablets will get you going with the ease, the focus and the energy whenever you need.


The global production standard held by all major pharmaceutical companies in the world. It gives a quality and safety warranty to the end user.


Become a NightOut distributor, we are looking for distributors worldwide.

Do you want to become a distributor of a popular innovative brand in your country? Are you planning to start a new business or add an amazing product to your existing ones? Want to take up a business with a World-class brand in the supplement industry? So, choosing NightOut Distributorship would be a great option.

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Meet the creators and the team behind the distribution of the most complete energy and hangover management supplement on the market.


Founder and creator of NightOut


Sales Director


Brand Manager

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