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Pub Crawls.

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Why is choosing NIGHTOUT
helping Pub Crawls around the world?

Would you like to have more clients in your Pub Crawl? Do you have different routes or you work as a tour operator and you would like to book more packages? The best Pub Crawls are choosing NightOut because they want to offer the best experience to their customers by giving a complete solution for having fun and feeling good the next day! 


Offer a fun adventure your clients will never forget. They will enjoy waking up fresh after your tour.

Easy seller.

Our product is unique and fun, a real solution for a common problem every adult has: "Hangover".


Create a community, get exposure and make your customer feel part of something bigger.

NightOut 3 effervescent tablets to get rid of hangover.
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What is NightOut?
discover how it works

Barra vuota
NightOut 6 effervescent tablets to get rid of hangover.




I declare that I am sixteen years old, and if I am under the age of sixteen, that I have been authorized by the holder of parental responsibility, therefore I consent to the processing of my personal data as indicated in the Privacy Policy .


I agree to the treatment of my personal data. For the forwarding of the newsletter, communications via telephone (sms, WhatsApp, voice call).


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 Nightlife offers a portfolio of products to complement the party, cigarettes, gum and preservatives are always available on the spot. Why not add a product that can be easily sold and clients will appreciate the next day?


If you organize drinking games or trivias, you want to build customer loyalty and help them to have a night they won't forget. NightOut will be the perfect gift.

Offer a "surprise gift" to encourage your customers to buy a second night or an alternative tour. People love gifts and they are more likely to purchase more if they get a motivation to do it.






You can include NightOut as an extra income and increase your sales, your guides will be happier to receive a commission for this add-on. Sell it as a "Anti-Hangover Kit".



Do you want to have clients that come back to your pub crawl the next time? Why not help them to feel better with NightOut if they had one too many.


NightOut 6 effervescent tablets to get rid of hangover


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Sales during crawls.

Increase sales by adding an extra product directly in your website in a "Deluxe package" or to be sold by your guides as Hangover Kit. Train your staff to do up-selling and include a NightOut in their tour and offer them a commission on their sales. You will see how NightOut can result in thousands of Euro yearly from a product you didn't know you could sell.

Offer to bars
and clubs

Become a NightOut distributor by selling to your partners. Pub Crawls already have the network of interest for NightOut. Work with them and offer them a new product they can sell or give them a commission if they have them in consignment. 

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nightout tablettes custom wristband for events

Reduce costs.

Pub crawls are normally buying bracelets to identify the clients attending the tour, if you partner up with NightOut we can take care of this for you. Receive bracelets according to the product you buy and you will earn money by up-selling and saving money by receiving the bracelets for free.


Be in the NightOut Pub Crawl directory. We will create communication of your activity and let other NightOutters know about your tour. Benefit from more customers and get international exposure with less effort and money on your behalf.

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Image by Scott Warman

Introduce drinking games.

Engage your customers and improve their experience through drinking games. People attend crawls to meet new people and have fun. You can use NightOut as a gadget they can win during the event and you will see how the engagement will make your crawl the #1!

You will also see how others will want to purchase the NightOut in case they didn't win.

nightout customizable wristband in fabric


  • Tyvek wristbands (Customized)

  • Fabric wristbands (Customized)

  • Sunglasses

  • Caps

  • T-shirts

  • Anti-hangover kit bag

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NightOut 6 effervescent tablets to get rid of hangover
orange sunglasses

Some Of The Clients Who Chose Us.

Meet some of the clients that chose NightOut as a complement of their brand strategy. We can help you to create a new experiences to amaze your visitors, differentiate from boring Pub Crawls and be part of the NightOut community.

Visit Pub Crawl Rome and get NightOut

Pub Crawl Rome
Rome - ITALY

Rome Pub Crawl the ultimate experience with NightOut
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How can I brand my business with NightOut?

Once the product was developed we needed some people to test our product so we went to a college basketball team. We asked them to take 2 tablets of NightOut when they wake up in the morning 

Do I need a special authorization to sell it?

Once the product was developed we needed some people to test our product so we went to a college basketball team. We asked them to take 2 tablets of NightOut when they wake up in the morning 

Can I mix alcohol with NightOut to prepare cocktails?

We do not promote the use of alcohol. However there is not a contraindication of mixing it with alcohol. Each individual should ask its physician before using any type of food supplement.

Do you have printed material I can use to sell NightOut?

Once the product was developed we needed some people to test our product so we went to a college basketball team. We asked them to take 2 tablets of NightOut when they wake up in the morning 

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Product details.

Either if you are looking for a side product, a free gift we have the right presentation for you.

Find NightOut in the next sizes:

  • 2 tubes of 3 tablets each (Only Italian/English).

  • 1 tube of 10 tablets (Available in other languages)

Pub Crawl by NightOut.

  • 144 NightOut

  • Tyvek wristbands

  • Social exposure/visibility

  • Flyers

  • Exhibitors

Exclusive Pub Crawl by NightOut.

  • 432 NightOut

  • Fabric wristbands

  • Flyers

  • T-shirts

  • Caps

  • Social exposure/visibility

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